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Iran the SGP line are warmly welcome to visit our company
Release Date:2016-05-24 10:24:56

On May 23, Iran the SGP led a line to visit our company, the company leaders personally warm reception.

To allow customers a more comprehensive understanding of the company, technology to customers introduced the general company's product development, quality inspection, production status, etc., to discuss the development prospects of the company. The SGP led, super battery and super capacitor to me the design of the products such as production capacity, management, and on the further cooperation and consultation, and visited the technical department, qc department, production workshop and so on, for my company's design capability, production capacity and so on various aspects of gave full affirmation.

After the on-site inspection, the customer said, saw the company's overall strength, full of confidence to our company's future development. Visit for cooperation laid a good foundation, but also marks the industry of shenzhen Broad visibility and influence more and more strong!

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