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Broad to hand the SGP group Iran: broadening the super capacitor industry chain
Release Date:2015-11-25 17:19:11

On November 19, shenzhen bo lei da new energy technology co., LTD. The SGP industrial group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Iran. Agreement content mainly for supercapacitors composite electric supply system in the field of new energy electric vehicles for all-round, domain and range of cooperation, joint development of new energy electric vehicles, as well as power supply, motor control system, etc.

Ultracapacitors composite dynamic power system is bo lei da in the field of new energy power the latest upgrades, capacitance has the property of fast charge and discharge and large power, and with energy storage battery and battery life is strong, the optimal potential complementary will lengthen the service life of the battery's existing, the enhanced the working efficiency of the power system at the same time, also reduces the overall cost of existing programs. The signing and implementation of this agreement, the layout to the company a new global energy market, participate in international competition has the milestone significance.

It is understood that the SGP group called the GitiPasandIndustrialGroupCo. The SGP, founded in 1998. The group in energy, metallurgy, construction, chemical, mechanical, mining and agriculture fields have a wide range of research results, some of the products has reached internationally accepted standards.


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