The super capacitor in the application of the micro grid
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Application overview

Micro grid energy storage: stable renewable energy storage, power energy to provide energy for terminal drive, and safeguard the stable;

Super capacitor as a new energy storage component, it compare with other energy storage way has many advantages. Compared with the super capacitor and battery power density, long cycle life, charge and discharge to charge and discharge with high efficiency, fast charge and discharge rate, high and low temperature performance is good, energy storage, long service life, etc. Compared with the flywheel energy storage and superconducting energy storage, it has no moving parts in the process of work, little maintenance work, very high reliability and low cost. These characteristics make it as the energy storage system applied in the micro grid have a definite advantage. In remote power shortage areas, solar and wind energy is the most convenient, the super capacitor as the energy of ideal energy storage device. At present, super capacitor has been continuously applied to the power supply such as mountain observatory, border posts. But super capacitor also has certain shortcomings, mainly of low energy density and voltage of pressure fluctuation is bigger, the capacitor in series.

Plan to introduce

Applied to super capacitor energy storage system principle of micro power grid

Super capacitor energy storage system schematic diagram is shown in figure 1, the super capacitor charge and discharge process, the change of terminal voltage range, and firstly bidirectional dc converter as the interface circuit is used to adjust the super capacitor energy storage and release can, again through the inverter in parallel on bus or feeder in micro grid. Smaller micro power grid, the system of inertia is not big, often happens for network and load fluctuation is very serious, affect the stability of the whole micro power grid operation. The day at the same time, micro power grid load is not remain the same, it can change with the change of the weather, and so on and so forth. Super capacitor energy storage system can effectively solve the problem, it can be stored in the load is low excess electricity power supply, and during the peak load back to the grid to adjust the power demand and the micro grid energy storage is a way in common use.

Figure 1   applied to super capacitor energy storage principle of micro grid map
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